At Reach Academy 6th Form we offer a traditional and relatively academic suite of A Levels, as we know these courses support progression to a wide range of competitive university courses and high quality apprenticeships, which will enable our pupils to pursue lives of choice and opportunity. 

For 2021-22 we have A Levels running in English Literature, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, Geography, French, Statistics, Psychology and Sociology. Pupils on an A level pathway typically study three of these subjects and each subject is taught across five 55 minute periods in a week. In addition we offer two Level 3 BTEC courses in Health and Social Care and Business. Some pupils are able to undertake a 'mixed pathway' and therefore combine BTEC and A Level qualifications in their programme of study. Furthermore all pupils have four 55 minute periods of non-examined provision each week; this includes Team Reach (our PSHE and Citizenship provision), Reach Scholar Studies and Elective courses. All pupils have the opportunity to take the EPQ or Level 3 Core Maths as additional qualifications as part of this. Pupils all also benefit from 30 minutes of pastoral time each day.

Students will follow courses that last for two years. At the end of Year 1 there will be internal examinations in A level subjects. These exams will determine students’ suitability to continue into Year 13 and will also be used to produce predicted grades to be sent to universities. BTEC students will sit two external examinations in Year 12 that do count towards their final grade – both exams must be passed for students to receive their qualification. All external exams for A level subjects will happen at the end of the second year of study and make up 100% of the final grade (except for History, English, Geography and languages which have a coursework element). BTEC students will typically sit another two external exams in Year 13 alongside their coursework units.