We know that a great teacher is the single biggest factor in determining excellent pupil outcomes. We invest heavily in thinking about what great teaching and learning look like and how we support our teachers to get better everyday.

Our Aims

All staff demonstrate a relentless focus on every child.


Effective learning is facilitated by consistent excellent teaching in line with the teaching and learning handbook.


All staff benefit from induction, CPD and coaching which allows all teachers to develop their practice continuously, by both strategic learning and leveraged improvements.


Teachers have expertise which they use to motivate and inspire pupils and colleagues both inside and outside the school.


Governors and Trustees work collaboratively with leadership at all levels of the school to support and challenge in equal measure.


All staff, including leadership,  actively seek opportunities for their own development.


Leadership attracts, retains and develops the best staff through career progression and opportunities.

At Reach we have 6 guiding principles that we believe facilitate consistent, excellent learning. Each guiding principle is broken down into habits to support teachers in isolating and practising areas of their teaching so they can continue to get better every week throughout their career.  


Classroom Culture

Use Teach Like a Champion (TLAC)1 strategies and Reach routines to facilitate a productive learning environment.


Maximise curriculum impact through double planning, scripting and excellent subject knowledge. 


Use direct instruction to explain new concepts, processes and skills with clarity. 


Use questioning to increase thinking ratio, maintain motivation and gather information on pupil progress.


Allocate time for practice using tasks and scaffolds designed to facilitate persistent learning. 


Support pupils to make effective progress by providing relevant, timely and constructive feedback.