Executive Leadership Team

Rebecca Cramer - CEO of Reach Academy Trust (on Maternity Leave)

Beck Owen - Co-Headteacher (Secondary)

Matilda Browne - Co-Headteacher (Primary)

Hannah Pope - Operations Director

Ciaran Fitzgerald - Acting Operations Director (Maternity Cover)


Senior Leadership Team

Taylor Bellamy - Deputy Headteacher (Secondary)

Claire Couves - Deputy Headteacher (Secondary)

Francesca  Williams - Assistant Headteacher (Secondary SENCo)

Gabriella Bristow - Assistant Headteacher (Secondary incl Sixth Form)

Laura Spence - Associate Assistant Headteacher (Secondary)

Kirsty Simkin - Associate Assistant Headteacher (Primary)

Fran Grimes - Assistant Headteacher (Secondary)

Francesca Reid - Assistant Headteacher (Primary EYFS and KS1)

Harpreet Dhillon - Assistant Headteacher (Primary KS2)

Georgia Strong - Assistant Headteacher (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Ryan Holmes - Assistant Headteacher (Director of Initial Teacher Training and Induction)




Jerome Barlow - Deputy DSL (Attendance)

Elly Grantham - Deputy DSL

Cacherel Jules - Deputy DSL 

Kay Stone - Families and Community



Francesca Williams - Assistant Headteacher (Secondary SENCo)

Scarlett Cowell - Primary SENDco (Year 1-6)

Aimee Wilcox - Early Years SENCo

Natalie Smith - Lead Teaching Assistant (Early Years)

Natasha Kidane  - Speech and Language Therapist

Alex Hall - Secondary Tutor Fellow

Aalex Fox - Secondary Tutor Fellow

Hannah Dukes - Secondary Tutor Fellow

Sulaik Ayub - Secondary Tutor Fellow

Lauren McFarlane - Secondary Tutor Fellow



Secondary Pastoral Team 

Andy Lait - Deputy Director of 6th Form

Gareth Hilton - Head of Year 10

Lily Pinto - Head of Year 9

Ruksar Jaffer - Head of Year 8 

Michelle Dolan - Head of Year 7 


Nina Davis - Head of Nursery 

Nassera Demmouche - Nursery Keyworker

Chloe Hoban - Nursery Keyworker

Lauren Bayliss - Nursery Keyworker

Krisny Fernandes - Nursery Keyworker 

Mercy Tiwo - Support Staff

Ella Clarke - Support Staff

Maths Department

Jonathan Mitchell - Director of Maths 

Alice Winson - Deputy Director of Maths 

Leah Blunden - Maths 

Laura Spence - Maths 

Roger Vigilance -  Maths and Business Studies 

Humanities Department

Sarah Corrigan - Director of Humanities

Anna Vassiliades - Deputy Director of Humanities (Geography)

Gabriella Bristow - Humanities 

Izzy Lumley - Humanities

Lillian Howard - Geography  (Trainee) 

English Department

James Roberts - Director of English

Starlyn Fernandes - English

Ryme Tarmach - English

Beck Owen - English

Lily Pinto - English 

Thomas Povey - English (Trainee) 

Science Department

Anna Bardwell - Director of Science

Jonathan Curran - Deputy Director of Science

Gareth Hilton - Science

Navjot Kaur - Science

Claire Couves - Science

Ruksar Jaffer - Science

Firoose Eshan - Science (Trainee)

Aisha Butt - Science (Trainee)

Kit Morgan - Computer Science (Trainee)

Agneiszka Kroemeke - Science Technician 

Creative Department

Sam Harvey - Director of Sport

Serena Moody - Director of Art

Serena Campi - Director of Music 

Ricardo St Hilaire - Music

Ben Illsley - PE

Ryan Mitchell - PE (Trainee) 



MFL Department

Chloe Sides - Director of Languages 

Phoebe Murphy - MFL

Chloe Vanrapenbusch - MFL (Trainee)


Health and Social Department

Tom Barber - Health and Social Care 

Dawn Kiefer - Health and Social Care 

Madina Sedighi - Health and Social Care (Trainee)

Business and Social Sciences Department

Sunaina Toor  -  Director of Social Sciences 

Imran Lakhi - Director of Business Studies

Zinat Kohestani - Business Studies (Trainee)

Jignisha Shatilal - Business Studies (Trainee)


Bethan Hughes - Head of EYFS/R Willow 

Elleanor Brennan - R Trainee

Natalie Smith - R Support Staff / Acting EYFS SENCo

Polly Kilyan - R Hazel

Serena Campi - Y1 Chestnut

Jason Free - Y1 Chestnut

Karam Nahal - Y 1 Magnolia 

Rebecca Cooper - Y1 Support Staff

Dawn Kiefer - Y1 Trainee

Juan Pedroza - Y2 Palm

Kajal Shah - Y2 Orchid

Emily Salsbury -  Y2 Trainee

Jess Laing - Y3 Lemon

Ellie Sergiou -  Y3 Rowan

Amelia Rees - Y3 TA

Martha Beavan - Y4 Birch

Alex Campbell - Y4 Beech

Sandra Arada - Y4 Support Staff

Andie Colomb - Y5 Cherry

Genna Deering - Y5 Support Staff

Scarlett Cowell - Y6 Don

Isla Iago - Y6 Cherwell

Eve Ford - Y6 Ouse

Nadine Roye  -  Y6 Trainee 

Hyatt Aljumaily - Support Staff

Julia Daniec - Support Staff

Fatuma Aden - Support Staff

Priya Gill - Support Staff

Karolina Kziazek - Support Staff

Pashmina Ahmadzai - Support Staff



After School Club

Beatrice Desire - Primary Support and ASC Lead

Serena Gamble - ASC

Kayal Sathyan - ASC

Pooja Gulati - ASC



Premises and Office Staff

Jack Butcher - Premises Manager

Niliesh Naik - Premises Assistant 

Harrison Hughes - Premises Assistant 

Neil Gabriel - Premises Assistant (Weekends)

Catherine Tobin - Admissions Manager

Pia Tejwani - Finance Manager 

Niki Welland - Back Office Administrator

Jodie Nelson - HR Administrator

Jo Workman - Front Office

Kelly Thomas - Front Office

Keerthi Nambiar - Finance Administrator

Mohammed Imran - IT Technician (Gridserve)

Ben Morris  - Data Analyst

Angela Melia - SEND Administrator

Sandeep Kang - Exams Officer

Sophie Bentley - Front/Back Office Administrator