Over the last eight years, our Phase 1 and 2 curriculum has been preparing pupils with the building blocks of all further learning. As pupils move into Phase 3, they will spend their time on a broader range of subjects, with subject specialists, preparing them to make the right choices for their GCSEs and beyond. We want to build on our first set of GCSE results, helping our pupils to achieve even more of the top grades, and supporting them into the very best universities and apprenticeships. As a school, we believe that a solid understanding of English and maths will support all pupils to achieve highly, and so these subjects will continue to form the foundation of our curriculum. However, we want our pupils to follow their own interests and develop into well-rounded learners, so from Year 6, pupils will have the opportunity to study a wide, academic and rigorous curriculum, and benefit from numerous extra-curricular opportunities to stretch their learning and spark their passions.

Our Curriculum

Extra-curricular offer, Trips and Enrichment