07 September 2019

This year has been another very successful year for GCSE results at Reach Academy Feltham. We have seen 93% achieve a grade 4 in English and 86% achieve a grade 4 in maths, giving a combined figure of 86% 4+ in both English and maths. We are very proud of the 66% of students achieving a 5+ in both English and maths. Overall 17% of grades were a grade 9, compared with 4.5% nationally and in both History and Spanish 60% of all grades were a 7+.

GCSE results students

We had a few students who achieved exceptional results. Notably, Kelina opened her envelope to discover 10 grade 9s and an A*. Last year there were only 293 students nationally who achieved 10 grade 9s.

Kelina said, "I am extremely proud of my results and very grateful to everyone, friends, family and especially my teachers, who have all helped me achieve this and I'm so glad my hard work has paid off."



Notable successes:

Kelina achieved 10 grade 9s and an A*
Adham achieved 7 grade 9s, 3 grade 8s and an A*
Poppy achieved 100% in her English Literature papers
Keira achieved 3 grade 7s, 4 grade 8s, and 1 grade 9
There were 7 grade 9s in History
60% were grade 7+ in History/Spanish