We received our first set of results in Summer 2019. Many of the students were among the very first students to join Reach Academy Feltham in 2012 and have been at the school ever since it opened. The got some excellent results, with 78% of grades at A*-C.  A Level results were aligned with national figures, with 27% of pupils achieved 3 A Levels at A* - B, and 58% at A* - C. 

Performance tables for Key Stage 5 are here

There were some superb individual achievements with Aleks Buras securing A*, A, A and heading off to Bristol University to do Psychology and Teja Koneru achieving 3As and getting an offer from Liverpool University to study Medicine. Zara Mir and Angel Kiefer earning D*DD in their Health and Social Care BTEC. Other students are off to Nottingham to study Economics and Politics, Southampton for Archaeology and Warwick for Biomedical Sciences among others. 

Secondary Headteacher Beck Owen said "we are delighted that students are off to so many exciting and prestigious Universities. The vision of Reach Academy Feltham is for our students to live lives of choice and opportunity and we are confident that this cohort are well on the way to that. We look forward to hearing about all of their achievements in the future!"


2019 Performance Data (not current)

Progress -0.21
Attainment 35.40
Retention into second year 100%