Nursery Admissions 2021

Our Nursery Admissions Policy can be found here.

Children must be 3 before the 1st September 2021 to start Nursery. There are also a limited number of places for eligible 2-year-olds who are in receipt of a letter from the council offering them 15 hours for their 2-year-old.

This year due to the restrictions in place we are accepting emailed applications and you can send these to You will need to scan and attach copies of the supporting documents. We also ask you to complete the pupil premium form if you wish to be considered under this criterion.

You can also send the application and supporting documents (copies only) to the school office by post: Reach Academy, 53-55 High Street, Feltham TW13 4AB

You can find the application here. There is also some further information here with key dates.

The closing date is 7th May 2021.

Please note that admission to Nursery does not guarantee a place in Reception at Reach Academy.


Appeals 2021

Where a child has been refused admission to the School the parent has the right to appeal against that decision. In the case of applications for Reception 2021 the deadline for the appeals is the 17th May 2021. Appeals will be held in June and July and you will be advised of your individual appeal date following the closing date of 17th May 2021.

In the case of applications at other times the parents should appeal using the form below and returning to the school .Appeals will be heard by an Appeals Committee, Clerks Associates UK, who act independently of the Governors in making their decisions. 

Given the current restrictions there will be a change to the way the appeals are heard in line with Department of Education guidelines. 

All our appeals are heard by an Independent Panel and they will be doing this as follows:

  • Teleconferencing – no specialist equipment is required other than a telephone.
  • Videoconferencing – using an appropriate secure video conferencing software
  • In writing based on written submissions only – should the occasion arise when the panel requires clarification on any point(s), the clerk will contact both parties via video/telephone conferencing call. We will ensure that appellants are informed as appropriate.


If you wish to appeal please complete the Notice of Admission Appeal and return to the school. 



Admission to Reach Academy Feltham is co-ordinated by the London Borough of Hounslow. Applications for places at the school should be made using the Common Application Form (CAF). Applications for ‘in-year’ admissions (once the school year has started) should be made to London Borough of Hounslow.

Reach Academy Feltham have different admissions policies to other schools in the borough. This have been subject to consultation and can be reviewed in the policies set out below. Please note that the admissions policy states that our priority postcode is the TW13 and TW14 area,  there was a previous typing aberration which stated the incorrect postcode of TW15 (error) for our admissions area - this policy was removed from the website immediately. 

Waiting lists for Year 7 entry in 2020

We do not have a Year 7 entry point as we are an all-through school and our primary children automatically move into Year 7. If you are applying for your child to join the next Year 7 cohort you will need to apply via Hounslow Council. Waiting lists for the next September Year 7 entry open in the preceding July. 

If there are any vacancies in Reach Academy for Year 7 2020 entry we will be applying our oversubscription criteria to this list following the end of the summer term.

In year admissions

If you wish to apply for your child join the school as an in-year admission please contact Hounslow Council.

Sixth Form applications for entry in 2020

To apply to our sixth form please complete an application form here.

Pupil Premium & Early Years Premium Admissions Criteria

In order to ensure a diverse intake which reflects the balance of our community, we allocate a proportion of places to pupils’ eligible for the pupil premium at the closing date of applications in Secondary and Primary respectively. The proportion, 27% or 16 out of our 60 places, reflects the proportions in the local community.

If we receive applications that meet this criteria from more than 27% of places available, then places will be allocated in line with the over-subscription criteria set out in our admissions policy.

To be eligible parents must be receiving either one of the following:

  • Income Support;
  • Income based Job Seeker’s Allowance;
  • Employment & Support Allowance (must be Income Related and not Contribution Based);
  • Child Tax Credit with no Working Tax Credit and where household income is less than £16,190; or
  • For their child to be in receipt of the Pupil Premium at the time of application.

Please complete the form below  if you wish your child’s application to be considered under this criteria.  Forms may also be collected from the school office.

Completing this form on its own does not constitute an application to Reach Academy Feltham. All parents wishing to apply must complete the Common Application Form (CAF). 

If you have any questions about admissions to the school, please feel free to contact us.

We welcomed Sky News on National Offer Day a couple of years ago: