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Support for our pupils

Reach Academy is an inclusive school and we accommodate children with varying degrees of additional educational needs. We provide AEN support in Literacy, Speech and Language, and fine motor skills both in and out of lessons. There is at least one additional member of staff in almost every lesson. They provide one-to-one support or small supportavailable1_2013group support guiding the children through classwork and encouraging them to feel confident in the tasks they are set. Support staff, who work with children outside of the classroom, work on previously identified gaps in the children’s knowledge and master essential skills whilst stretching the children’s knowledge in order to access higher levels in their classwork.

Children may be asked to attend masterclasses either before school or after school. In masterclasses, pupils might review work that was completed in lessons; prepare for content they will see in future lessons; revisit key skills taught in lessons and practice these skills in order to master them. Currently we run masterclasses in English, Maths, and Science and these are delivered by both teachers and support staff.

Our Partners
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