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Reach celebrate Duke of Edinburgh successes and starts with a new cohort!

This week Reach celebrate pupils being awarded their bronze and silver awards at a ceremony in Feltham. 26 pupils IMG_6908in Year 10 and 11 were awarded their bronze award, while six Year 11 students received their silver awards. Congratulations on them all!

Meanwhile Year 9 pupils started their Duke of Edinburgh journey with their practice expedition in nearby Richmond park, in advance of heading down to the South Downs in June. Here are two reflections on the experience:

Yesterday our group went to the Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition at Richmond park. We had a map of the area, a compass, a tent and a first aid kit, which was all carried in a massive rucksack. With this equipment, we had to navigate our way from Richmond station to Richmond park (which was a race against other groups). We then had to walk to a pond, where we had another race to assemble and dissemble the Dof E 2tent.

After having lunch, we had to find four places located on the map, without any help from the teachers. One of these places was Isabella’s Plantation, which is an eco-friendly toilet ( it has no flush just a massive hole)!

This was an awesome experience because it made you realize how independent you can be, and how hard it is to read a map and navigate where to go and what to do. We all cannot wait until our next test; we will be pushed to out limits and Duke of E 3will have an excellent time.

(Kelina and Abby)


On Wednesday the 15th of March 2016 our group took a fun yet tiring journey to Richmond park. We were set tasks to challenge us. To start our exciting day we made our way to the train station. On the journey to Richmond our group taught each other to use a compass and a map for our journey ahead. In the end everything went well and we were able to use this skill later in the day to navigate ourselves around Richmond park. 

Once we had navigated to Richmond park we kicked of our journey with an exciting challenge. We had to set up a DofEtent and put it down as quick as we could in order to beat the other groups and claim the prize of a scrumptious chocolate bar. Although we didn’t come first we gained the opportuning to work as a team as well as having a lot of fun. (Tia, Mia, Rachel, Ilhan, Zakaria, Vithursh). 

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