Pupils represent themselves, their families and Reach Academy Feltham every time they step outside their door in their school uniform. At all times they are in school uniform or representing Reach Academy Feltham, they must conduct themselves as they would in school. RAF takes this very seriously and will punish pupils for representing themselves or the school in a negative light, irrespective of whether pupils are on school premises or not.

Pupil presentation

On the way to and from school pupils should:

  • Wear their school uniformly perfectly (shirts tucked in; ties done up in Y6+; school shoes not trainers);
  • Speak at an appropriate volume level and with appropriate language;
  • Walk in groups of a maximum of six pupils (this will help to keep the volume at an appropriate level);
  • Ensure they travel directly to and from school and that an adult knows their whereabouts. Pupils should not congregate or loiter; and
  • Not act in any way which will put themselves or anyone else in danger (e.g. no running in the street, speaking inappropriately to pupils of other schools).
  • Not stand on the pavement waiting for friends
  • Not eat junk food/sweets or have fizzy drinks – if found with these they will be confiscated.

The school will expect parental support in disciplining pupils who do not behave appropriately outside of school, at any time, particularly if they are in school uniform.

Please find our uniform policy below: