Pressure and capacity

A further aspect of Naomi Eisenstadt’s work has been highlighting the need for both reducing pressure experienced by families and enhancing their capabilities. Both forms of support are needed if the situation for families is to significantly improve.

This principle has already guided the family support work undertaken by Reach Academy, and it will continue to shape provision of Reach Children’s Hub: Building Blocks grants can reduce financial pressure, for instance, whilst adult education can enhance capabilities.

This principle informs the decision to target resources to supporting families at moments of crisis, rather than solely offering proactive, education-related support.

Reduce pressures

  • Rights and legal protection
  • Financial support

For example:

  • Access to maternity and paternity leave
  • Targeted benefits
  • Flexible working and
    flexible childcare

Enhance capabilities

  • Information and guidance
  • Skills and training

For example:

  • Before and after birth, midwife and health visitor support
  • Family Intervention programmes
  • Family Nurse Partnerships