Phase 3 & 4 Learning Summary

This page sets out the plan for Phase 3 and 4 pupils to access learning. The timetable for pupils is as follows: 



Please follow the guidance below to access your lessons and submit any work completed correctly. 

  1. Log in to your Gmail and Google Classroom as normal each day

If you have not yet joined the classroom then follow the guidance below and use the following codes for your year group.

You only need to join once. If you have already done this then move on to Step 2. Your code will have been emailed to you, and sent in a letter to your parents.

2. Find any work that has been set.

Work will appear on Google classroom at the points of the day highlighted in your timetable. You must make sure you log on to your classroom at the start of each lesson.

There are 2 ways to view your assignment. Whichever route you take you MUST end up on a page that looks like the one below.





  1. Complete all set work

It will now be clear what work you need to do. It is important you complete it on this page to make sure you submit the work correctly at the end.

Above you will clearly see the instructions for the task. Follow all of these instructions carefully. You may need to click on documents at the bottom or the link included in the instructions. When watching the video your teacher may ask you to pause the video to complete some work.

  1. Sending work

Once your work is completed you need to submit it. Avoid sending this by email if possible, instead follow the guidance below.

When you click the icon above you will be given a choice of what to attach. This depends on how you are submitting your work.

  1. If you did your work as a Google document:

Click Google Drive

Your most recent documents will appear

Click on the one you want to share








  1. If you need to send a photograph of your work

Open the webcam or camera function on your device.

Take a photograph of your work.

Make sure the photograph is of all of your work and is clear.

If you take a photograph on your mobile phone, you will need to be logged into Google Classroom on that phone. You can download apps for Google Classroom and Google Drive on your phones to make this easier. If you can’t do this, you can also sending that image to your email and downloading it.

Click File (see above)

Click ‘select files from your computer’ (right)

Find the file on your computer wherever you saved it. Common areas include your documents, pictures or downloads.

If you are unable to send an image in this way then email it to the correct teacher and continue to the final step (next page)

  1. Ending the task

Once you have uploaded all documents or sent them as an email then click ‘Hand In’. If you have not attached a document and sent an email instead then this will say ‘Submit’ and should still be clicked.


If you need to email a member of staff