Oak National Academy

The Reach Foundation is delighted to be incubating the Oak National Academy. It this moment of acute national challenge, the Foundation is overseeing a Project Board, on which Ed Vainker sits, and has helped to ensure that platform launched in time for the start of the Summer Term. 

The project has used the Foundation to provide ready-made structures and processes, as well as covering the upfront costs of launching the project. 

Oak National Academy will provide a sequenced plan of video lessons and curricular resources for teachers to use as they wish, to complement their existing teaching and planning. A direct response to the coronavirus situation, Oak will provide over 180 lessons a week, the equivalent of three hours a day for primary school students and four hours a day for secondary.

The platform has been launched thanks to the remarkable contribution of 40 teachers, twelve of whom come from Reach Academy Feltham, who are teaching in the Primary phases and using much of the Reach Out Curriculum resources. 

The Foundation is delighted to be supporting the school system, parents and most importantly pupils at this unprecedented moment.