Nursery Team


Rachel Parry - Nursery Keyworker


Genna Deering - Nursery Keyworker

Genna started working at Reach in 2014.  Genna has lived in Feltham all her life and has four children, she loves the family atmosphere at Reach Academy, both as a parent of a child here, and as a member of staff.  Genna is currently undertaking a degree in Primary Education and hopes to do her teacher training once she has completed this.  Genna says that the best thing about being an Associate Teacher is being able to work closely with the children and watch them grow, develop and achieve as they go up through the school - even once they have left Nursery. 

Dawn Kiefer - Nursery Keyworker

Dawn has been part of the Reach family since the new building opened; first as a parent, then as a parent governor as well, and now she teaches in Nursery too!  Dawn is a Mum to three children all of whom are at Reach Academy.  Her EYFS experience began when she was working as an OFSTED registered childminder in Sunbury, and she says that the most rewarding thing about working in Nursery is seeing the amazing amount of progress the children make at this age.  Dawn loves the opportunities for CPD at Reach and looks forward to developing her expertise across EYFS and Primary in the years to come.


Michelle Coyte - Nursery Keyworker

Michelle discovered Reach Academy when her eldest daughter joined the school in Year 9 as part of the first cohort in the new building.  Michelle says that the unparalleled pastoral support at Reach was a support her as a parent, as well as to her daughter, and her other three children soon joined the Reach family.  Michelle started working in Nursery in 2017 and quickly progressed to being the Key Worker for our cohort of 2 year olds.  Working with our youngest children in the school she is our resident toilet training expert!  Michelle can always be relied upon for heartfelt and down-to-earth advice, much of which is from her invaluable wealth of personal experience.