Introducing coaching

One of the key elements that has enabled the success of Reach Academy Feltham over the past seven years has been our commitment to improving the quality of teaching in every classroom. In 2012 we introduced instructional coaching and over the last seven years have refined it and developed it. Every teacher at Reach is coached weekly and over the last twelve months we have started working to support  other schools to implement the model. 

Our approach to coaching is based on models that have had huge success in the USA but has evolved substantially at Reach. We have worked to simplify the model to make it easy to implement and follow a See It, Name It, Do It structure which is efficient to implement and manageable to train staff to use.

We run a day’s training to support schools to implement coaching which includes the following elements:

Part I – What is Coaching?

Part II – Choosing the right action step

Part III – Structuring the coaching conversation

Part IV – Implementing coaching in your school


We have experience of supporting the implementation of coaching in a number of setting. We have worked closely with All Saints Academy Plymouth to implement the model with great success. We have also trained more than 60 leaders in twelve schools in the South West and are leading a coaching community of practice with these schools in 2019-20. In addition we trained 65 prison officers this year to implement coaching in prisons, as part of a rapid improvement process.

If you would be interested in having Reach leaders support you to implement coaching, please contact us on