At Reach Academy, staff are encouraged to innovate in their approaches to teaching and learning, and we have been consistently open to new projects and programmes which we have felt could benefit our students. Reach Children’s Hub is designed to be an innovative new form of social organisation, and to maintain their innovativeness through a culture of adaptiveness, flexibility and learning.

We pursue innovation not as an end it itself but because we believe that new approaches are needed to ensure that every child and family have the support and resources that they need to live lives of choice and opportunity.

We recognise that there are other hubs in the UK and beyond and we have been inspired by them. The three founders of Reach Academy Feltham had each visited the Harlem Children’s Zone prior to opening the school and were inspired by the ambition and breadth of its vision.

We believe that the Reach Children’s Hub is innovative because of its position emerging from an all-through school. The idea of a creating a cradle-to-career pipeline is not unique to us, but we are uniquely positioned to build the pipeline around a 2-to-18 school.

In addition we are starting with a clear focus on the transformational impact on excellent academic outcomes and a track record at Reach Academy Feltham of delivering those exceptional outcomes.