Adult Education

In 2017-18 we ran a pilot project with Hounslow Adult and Community Education to deliver a range of adult education programmes within the Hub. The decision to pursue this project reflected our belief that supporting families to access additional training and ultimately help parents into work was very much within the Hub’s remit and had the potential to have a significant impact on children’s outcomes.

We ran eight different courses and had more than 70 members of the community accessing classes, from English Language, through Numeracy to Teaching Assistant training courses. Around half of these were parents of children within Reach Academy Feltham. Many of the parents also volunteered in the school and in 2018-19 we continued to run the Teaching Assistant training course within the school.

The pilot confirmed that there is significant appetite for additional adult education courses in the community and we intend to offer a wide range of courses when we have sufficient space to do so.


“The course is having a positive impact on my children. I talk English at home with them, I can talk to teachers at school, and I can talk to the Doctor to understand [their] health.”

A, ESOL student

“The TA Course is helping with parenting, as I have a better understanding of my child’s day at school. The Maths course is helping on a practical level, as my daughter was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, so I need to calculate percentages in food content - I didn’t know how to do that until I started this course.”

A, Teaching Assistant Level 2 & Maths student

“The course is definitely helping with my children - I’m actually able to help them with their homework now!”

M, Maths student

“The placement is giving me the opportunity to learn skills with older children, which I can then use at home in in my family. I’m using teaching skills at home to support my child.”

L, Teaching Assistant Level 2 student