About Us

Reach Children’s Hub serves the community in Feltham and seeks (with the Reach Academy Trust) to provide a cradle-to-career pipeline of provision for children and young people. Beginning to work with parents at the antenatal stage, the Hub's support will extend to young adults through their post-school destinations. You can find out more about the Hub model here.

In addition, the Hub aims to have a wider impact in Feltham by increasing local provision accessible to all, integrating and co-locating services, supporting local organisations and strengthening the community. As well as on-site provision, many of the Hub's activities take place through outreach in local educational and community settings. 

The Reach Children’s Hub believes that to live lives of choice and opportunity, children and young people need to:

  • Be well-supported in nurturing households
  • Engage positively with the local community
  • Be healthy and well - physically and mentally
  • Achieve well academically
  • Have a strong vision and plan for the future

All of the Hub's current activities aim to support these outcomes. The Hub employs a range of delivery models including direct delivery, delivery through partners and delivery through volunteers. 

The Hub is led by Director Ed  Vainker and its dedicated team. The Hub is currently co-located with Reach Academy Feltham, and but will move into a dedicated home in the coming years.