8th March Return to School

Dear families, 

We are sending you a lot of information to make sure that you have everything you need for your child to start school on March 8th or 9th successfully. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, but please do read the information first. We have an enormous task ahead of us in the coming weeks and will probably require some patience along the way!

We have broken information down so that you can access the bits that are of most importance to you. The key information is that we are delighted to have everyone back to school and need you to help us by doing these five things:


  1. Please make sure your child(ren) are at school on time every day. 

  2. Please use the next 10 days to locate their uniform and equipment and make sure they have everything they need to be successful and avoid unnecessary conversations which aren’t about learning. 

  3. If your child is aged 11 or older complete this consent form for Lateral Flow Testing by Monday 1st March. 

  4. Get in touch ASAP if you have any questions or worries. We will find a solution together. 

  5. Please make sure your child has a face mask if they are in Y7-13. 

If you have borrowed a laptop please hold onto it for now. We will have a system for returning it once everyone is back at school. 

Timings for the first day(s) of return are below. Beyond the first day all timings will be ‘normal’. We have changed the start and end times for Secondary to give a larger window of arrival and prevent children having to wait outside the school or in the playground. This means a slight knock on shift to the end of the day. We hope this will also make it easier for secondary siblings travelling home together and for families with multiple drop-offs and pick-ups, but we know, with over 900 children it’s not going to be perfect for everyone so do speak to your child’s form or class teacher if you are worried about making multiple pick-ups work. 



These pupils will experience a full and normal school day from 8th March, including all breaks, lunch and activities. 


  • Please drop off and collect from the locations below. 

  • Please only bring one adult for each family’s drop off and collection. 

  • All adults (staff and families) to wear face masks please and maintain social distance. 

  • Please leave the school site and go straight home after drop off and collection.




The new ‘normal’ times (from 10th March onwards for Secondary) are:


We can’t wait to see you all. Have a lovely weekend and (hopefully) final week of remote learning! 


Best wishes, 


Rebecca and the whole team