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Reach Student Leaders Appointed

With our inaugural Sixth Form cohort now in place, November saw Reach Academy’s first ever school-wide student leadership elections.

Year 12All pupils from Year 4 upwards were able to vote for one of 5 candidates to be their representative as Student Principal.

Angel Keifer (12 Amazon) won the election and is our first Student Principal. She inspired her fellow students by campaigning passionately about the importance of Creative Arts and ensuring that student voice is strong and listened to across the school. Angel will be supported in her endeavours by the Student Vice Principals Kayla Long and Kaushal Gurung.

They will be joined by representative focusing on key areas across the school: Samson Vidler leads the Food Council, Aleks Marchut oversees Student Wellbeing, while Annie Chira and Ryan Tilley have a focus on Events and Heena Jaffer leads on Teaching and Learning. This leadership team will lead Student Council and also meet with Senior Leaders to set priorities for how students want to see our school improve.

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