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Reach welcomes the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister spent his last full day in the job visiting Reach Academy, celebrating the school’s achievements Cam 5over the past four years. In an extended visit he met Ed and Rebecca, a group of Year 10 pupils and then mingled with pupils during their lunch break. He was shown round the farm by four of the Reach Farmers and then had lunch with Year 10 pupils.

The Prime Minister was quizzed by pupils in Year 2 who asked him whether he would prefer to be a teacher or a farmer (he opted for teacher) and what happened after he went to see the Queen.

He told staff at the end of the visit that he had never heard pupils speak more positively about their teachers, and was delighted to announce that a second Reach Academy had been approved to open.

IMG_20160713_071629431The visit featured on BBC, ITV and Sky news and was on the front page of the Daily Telegraph, as well as in the Daily Mail and Guardian newspapers.

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