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Reach Girls Group host inspirational event for International Women’s Day

IMG_0562On Thursday 8th March the members of the Girls Group hosted an event to celebrate women and the contribution they make to society. The event marked 100 years since women were able to vote and aimed to promote unity and equality amongst women.

The event included inspirational speakers, Whitney Illes, CEO of Project 507 and Councillor Candice Atterton. Both spoke of their personal experiences and shared valuable advice on how to press for progress. Members of the group also spoke, while there were workshops to promote self-care, goal setting, networking and mindfulness (by Ed’s Mum, Brenda!) for the 100 attendees.

Candice InstaThe event closed with performances by students from Reach Academy and the amazing local dance group, Alluminae. Members of the local community who attended were able to take part in workshops and network with many partners including NSPCC and Women’s and Girls Network and local professionals who attended.

One attendee commented about what they had gained from the event ‘a positive feeling that the future is bright, as long as we commit to it with our best self, individual talents, courage and self-confidence.’

Thank you to everyone who made the event possible, including: IMG_0598

  • The generous donation of the Harlequins Foundation which made the event possible.
  • Harprit, our Learning to Respect Co-ordinator and Keryn, our Community Safety Officer, who supported the networking session.
  • Danielle Hutchinson, the Detached Youth Worker who played a central part in organising the event.
  • Nicole and Tia from the Women and Girls Network who delivered workshops and have been so supportive of the Girls Group.
  • Anna and Kate from the NSPCC who led workshops.

To all of the girls who made the event such a triumph and to Siobhan and Georgia who run the group and are such an important part of the Reach community.

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