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Approach to Curriculum Design



In-depth look at progress across subject areas

We believed that the curriculum can only be effective if we had a clear set of outcomes for each subject of where the pupils should be at the end of each Phase. We wanted a coherent progression across the five phases for each subject, from which we could effectively plan a curriculum that spans Nursery – Sixth Form.

Subject Leads from Secondary worked with their colleagues from Primary to create a set of Phase Outcomes documents, detailing the Key Knowledge and Key Skills required at each Phase. These documents are designed so that we can clearly see the progress from Phase 1 to Phase 5 at a glance and will form the bedrock for a set of Year Outcomes from which we can more rigorously ensure that curriculum is designed to help achieve yearly goals for all children.


Phase Outcomes

Curriculum overviews

Geography Phase 3 and 4

History Phase 3 and 4

Maths and Numeracy Phase 3 and 4

MFL Phase 3 and 4

Music RS Phase 3 and 4

Science Phase 3 and 4


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