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Reach wins Hounslow Mock Trial and progresses to Regional Finals

Rahul Shah (Year 8), one of our Student Leaders, reports on the Mock Trial event at Feltham Magistrates Court last Saturday:

The victory day did not start well. Helen was still in her comfy bed whilst the rest of us were practicing at Feltham Magistrates Court! Phil was getting concerned – months of preparation had gone into this. Luckily, after an hour Helen woke up and she arrived just in time for a quick practice was over- it felt real now. 

After checking in, we were placed in a designated area.Rebecca appeared with loads of snacks and my eyes lit up – nerves don’t quash my hunger! After a healthy breakfast, I started running through questions and answers with our witnesses. Suddenly, a man informed us that another school had failed to turn up and we were to go into the courtroom immediately and begin trying the first case! Sam and Goharikha were especially nervous as Phil had exclaimed on many occasions (during practice) that they needed to speak much louder. However, once in the courtroom, everyone did a great job. They spoke convincingly and loudly. Hard work started to pay off as we won the first case- the defendant (from the other school) was found guilty!
After the first case, we reflected on what we did well and how we could improve. The same man informed us that the defense had to enter court 1 . Blake, the defendant, had to sit in the bullet proof box aloneThe school we were up against had some very talented (and tall!) lawyers who questioned our witness with confidence. Amrit and Blake firmly stood their ground. We won that case as well and Blake was freed from the docks having been found not guilty!
The judges deliberated while we nervously waited in our holding room. Suddenly we were called back in. The results were announced in reverse and we had won! Cheers erupted and there was a lot of praise from the judges and from the M.P. for Houslow who wanted a photo with us.  

We have to work even harder now as we are through to the next round!​

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