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Reach triumphs in first competitive game

A team representing Reach Academy Feltham played their first competitive game against a team from Hampton Court House. With a collection of talented pupils at our disposal expectations were high. After a brief team talk and a short warm-up session it was time for kick off.

Straight from the start Reach looked like a well-oiled machine, making darting runs and distributing the ball to all areas of the pitch. There were a number of early chances with only the post denying us three early goals.

With Rahul fearlessly robbing possession from opposition players of all sizes, Ryan clearing the ball to safety and Lewis displaying a reliable performance between the sticks there was simply no way through for HCH.

Morgan surprised many by demonstrating that accurate short and long passing is a part of his repertoire whilst Connor, Kyron and Ivan communicated and linked together well in a strong midfield partnership.

Without Sky stats at our fingertips it is difficult to know exactly how far Elliot ran during the game, but conservative estimates put it at ‘absolutely miles’.

Jordan’s thunderous boot sent the ball rocketing towards the opposition goal on a number of occasions, resulting in a net busting goal in the second half. Further goals from Morgan, Kyron, Elliot, Ivan and Connor left the score line at a decisive 7-1 to the visitors.

Teachers and parents from HCH commented on the fantastic attitude and behaviour of the pupils from Reach. All were a credit to themselves and the school.

With future boys and girls games being organised for the near future there is plenty to look forward to. Watch this space!

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