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Reach Academy Feltham pupils achieve stellar first GCSE results

Reach Academy Feltham welcomed BBC London today as the first cohort of pupils from the school achieved a great set of GCSE results. A third of the cohort got 5 A*-A grades and six pupils achieved a new grade 9 in either English or Maths, which is higher than an A*.  

Reach Academy results day on the BBC from Ed Vainker on Vimeo.

Secondary Headteacher, Rebecca Cramer, said: “We are thrilled with pupils’ results and pay tribute to their hard work and to the support of their parents and teachers.”

The school is celebrating great results:

  • 98% of pupils got a Grade 4 or above in English and in Maths, with 95% getting both;
  • 93% of pupils achieved at least 5 A*-Cs including English and Maths;
  • 59% of pupils achieved at least 5 A*-Bs including English and Maths;
  • 30% of pupils achieved at least 5 A*-As including English and Maths; and
  • 32% of all GCSE exams scored an A* or A, and 58% an A*-B grade.

Individual pupils got some brilliant results, including:

  • Kayla Long achieved six A*s, a Grade 9 and Grade 8 in English and a Grade 7 in Maths.
  • Goharika Paladugu got three A*s, four As, a Grade 7 and two Grade 8s.
  • Darragh Briscomb got four A*s, two As, a Grade 9, Grade 8 and Grade 6.
  • Rahul Shah achieved three A*s, two As, two Grade 8s and a Grade 9.
  • Samanvitha Bhiraju got four A*s, two A’s, two Grade 8s and a Grade 7.

We are so proud of all of the pupils and their achievements and thank the staff, the pupils and their families for all their hard work over the past 5 years. We can’t wait for our first set of A Level results! We are actively recruiting for sixth form places now, ready for a September start. Get in touch if you would like to find out more.

  1. Martin D King Reply
    This is an incredible achievement for a school which opened only five years ago. Well done to the staff, parents, and especially the students. Onwards an upwards!
  2. David Dowding Reply
    Congratulations to our Reach Academy pupils and all the hard-working staff on the fantastic GCSE results published today! I am proud to see such rich reward for our frontier cohort, which reflects the hard work undertaken and ambition shown every day since the school first opened back in 2012. It seems the national newspapers have not missed it either: https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/aug/24/proportion-of-students-getting-good-gcse-grades-falls-after-reforms David Dowding, Governor of Reach Academy Feltham

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