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Reach Academy consulting on two year old provision in its Nursery

Reach Academy Feltham seeks to consult stake-holders on a proposal to add two year old provision to their Nursery.

The Academy is seeking to provide places for up to 16 two year olds eligible for the free entitlement of 15 hours per week. Places will be allocated in line with the Nursery admissions policy. 

This consultation will run from the 14th May until the 13th June. The parties to be consulted include local residents, schools and Nurseries, the Admissions Forum and the Local Authority. Interested parties are invited to write to the Principal, Ed Vainker, at ed.vainker@reachacademy.org.uk  to share the feedback or to arrange an in-person meeting.

Information about the Academy

We are a small school for 3-18 year olds that aims to transform the lives of all of our pupils by providing them with the skills, attitudes and academic qualifications to flourish in any career and live happy and fulfilled lives.

The Academy opened in September 2012 with pupils in Reception and Year 7 and has grown over 500 pupils from September 2015. The school moved into its permanent premises in November 2014, when it opened a Nursery. The school was judged outstanding in all categories by Ofsted in March 2014 and is heavily oversubscribed, with more than 400 applications for each of Year 7 and Reception, and more than 170 for the 60 Nursery places for 3 year olds.

Rationale for proposed change

There is a three-fold rationale for seeking to take two year olds into the Nursery from September 2015:

  • Local demand and stated need: we have been approached by a number of parents who are eligible for the free provision for two year olds and would like to be able to access it at Reach. This includes, but is not limited to, parents of pupils in the school who have eligible two year olds. In addition, we have been informed by the local authority that there is a need for additional provision and we can help to increase the uptake of this offer.
  • A fit with our vision: we sought to open an all-through school because we believe in working with young people from the earliest possible time. We see this change as being in line with our philosophy and something that we would have sought to bring in earlier if we had had space in our temporary building.
  • Ensuring the whole community is represented at Reach Academy: we are committed to ensuring that the whole community is represented at Reach and see this as an important part of ensuing that the school is diverse and meets the needs of the whole community. 

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