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Reach Pupils go to We Day at Wembley Arena

As featured in the Daily Telegraph, Reach Academy pupils attended We Day celebrations last Friday at Wembley Arena. Samanvitha Bhiraju from Year 8 describes the day:

On Friday 7th March, 30 pupils from Year 8 and Year 7 went on a fabulous trip to the Wembley Arena to watch the very inspirational and life-changing We Day. Everyone was spell-bound and touched by the amazing speeches and performances. Many of my team-mates agreed with me that this was the best trip we had ever been on.

Lots of amazing celebrities came to the show. It included Sir Richard Branson, Holly Branson, Prince Harry, Clive Owen, Jennifer Hudson, Molly Burke, Malala Yousafzai, Martine Wright, Spencer West, Ellie Goulding and many others. All of the speakers’ speeches were relevant and useful to the audience of young people from around England. They showed how even though you might face extreme problems, if you persevere you can become one of the most successful person in the world.

The quotes by them were truly inspirational and everyone could understand that in order to be successful in life you need to reflect on your mistakes, endeavour to achieve your goals, aspire to keep doing amazing things, show courage to learn from mistakes and move one and to have fun by being sociable and positive. Basically you need to apply all the values we have learnt at Reach Academy in order to go into the big wide world and achieve you dreams!

One of the most memorable lessons from the day was the following story: there is a glass of hot water and you have been asked to choose one object to put in the glass. The three objects you have are a carrot, an egg and a coffee bean. The option that you should choose is a coffee bean because a carrot will go into the water and become soft and weak so you should never be defenceless and dependent. The egg will go in and become hard and stubborn so you should not be heartless and unforgiving. Finally, you should be like a coffee bean because once it goes in it dissolves and changes the colour of the water. This means you should always co-operate with what life gives you and even try to change it in the way you know is correct.

The message of the day was to remember to make the world a better place. I left thinking that I should never spend even a second thinking that I cannot make the world a better place to be in. We spent the journey home wondering what we would do today that will make someone else’s life better tomorrow.

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